Designed and built in conjunction with the worlds top combat sports athletes we bring you the new Strength BJJ Gi. Unleash the skills you have learnt and become a constant danger on the mats. Ensure that your every move is fluid, every attack is powerful and every reaction is focused. Create your own warrior legacy in the all new Gambaru Strength gi.


The key factor in our innovative design is the athlete, and we place the needs and demands of the fighter at the very heart of everything we create.


The development of a performance orientated BJJ GI starts with the fabric, superior 550gsm Advanced Pearl Weave Jacket means that it is durable by design and light by nature.  

The Strength BJJ GI is pre-shrunk, pre-steamed, and has been tested far beyond the forces encountered in the heat of competition.  GI has been designed for training and competition and will perform day in and day out.


We sent our BJJ GI to the research labs, to undergo 3D Motion Analysis and testing, and after thousands of hours of performance analysis were completed we finalised the cut of our new BJJ GI. The outcome is a superior set of armour which is inherently dynamic.


The profile of the Jacket has been ergonomically crafted so that it moves with the athlete rather than against them, with innovative rounded side-splits allowing the Jacket to sit far more naturally on the body. BJJ is ever-evolving, and so too is the cut of our BJJ GI making it seamlessly aligned to the intentions of the 21st Century fighter.


The entire shoulder section has been completely re-imagined, creating a revolutionary kinematic garment which allows for increased rotation of the limb whilst also reducing fabric-gather.

We have designed a Jacket that moves with you, that liberates the shoulder to move freely and instinctively, and a BJJ GI that compliments the complexity of the art.


The legs are a critical aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and as such we have optimised the silhouette of the GI Pants in order to eliminate needless fabric, meaning that there is less for your opponent to grab whilst simultaneously providing a far better fit. With our choice of Ripstop fabric and form-fitting flow our BJJ GI pants will liberate your game.

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